This practice focuses on providing health counsel, preventative health care and pain management to individuals. Together we aim first to discern the cause of an ailment or dis-ease, next to identify effective and sustainable strategies that involve medicines that do no harm, and ultimately, to successfully implement them.

Health Development Resources provides personal support for individuals who have become aware of a need for change or transformation in their health. In experiencing health one reaches a point of awareness of a symptom– for example; chronic pain, fatigue, illness, mood changes, insomnia or poor nutrition, when a need to change prevails.  In the process of moving from pain, effective treatment typically involves receiving medicine that alleviates the symptoms yet does not affect the conditions that caused it. In addition to treating symptoms, reframing ones perspective, understanding or experience of those causal conditions can be healing. In this way, health goals are attained that bring meaning to ones continuously evolving life.

Dr. Wulsin understands that each individual’s life is a sacred, powerful set of experiences that has meaning. Dis-ease in body or mind, often but not exclusively, manifests in one form or another to get ones attention to become healthier. Pain and stress can overwhelm access to the parts of ourselves that typically help us to maintain an acceptably functional state of equilibrium.  In an integrated and adequately developed state, the body and relative states of conscious and unconscious mind generate health.  Living ones life with meanings that are integrated with our conscious and unconscious selves can be an effective way to a healthy life. As recorded by many spiritual traditions over thousands of years, “One is the Path, Many are the Ways.”


However, most people with chronic illness are looking to be fixed by a procedure or mystical activity. Clients of Health Development Resources come to understand that healing is a process and that their symptoms can help to illuminate their path toward health.  They discover, engage and incorporate strategies that alleviate dis-ease and generate a more optimal experience of health. Rather than focus on curing illness we focus on employing the patient’s self-awareness to improve, take to the next level and create a more healthy and meaningful life experience.

This focus on the body/mind relationship and the awareness of one’s own state of health is transformative and can itself be healing. After many years of rigorous training and clinical practice, Dr Wulsin can offer therapies such as acupuncture, energetic touch, breath awareness and meditation derived from well established healing traditions dating to before the twentieth century.  Though a clear understanding of how they work may have not been scrutinized by robust, financially funded institutional research, the results that they produce often exceed those that use “modern” medical methods at less cost financially, emotionally and physically.

Whether you have chronic pain or a sense of imbalance in your state of health, if you are not getting the support that you need through the conventional system of healthcare, you may find the transformation you seek through our practice. Science provides us with vital foundation of our state of the art intellectual, analytical and rigorously ascertained knowledge.  Dr Wulsin spends many hours every week reviewing current academic research into how the mind, brain, and body function.  He continuously integrates this information with respectful and compassionate attention and best practices for patients.  The goal is to focus on what works in healing and healthy development while working in partnership with mainstream medical practice and state of the art options.

We invite you to acknowledge the journey you are on in relationship to your health and to embark upon it with growing awareness of what you bring forward and can manifest in your health.  You will receive undivided attention and personal care here. He also works with families and enjoys making house calls.