Healing Approach

Dr. Wulsin believes that every system (both individually and through community) has untapped resources that can be engaged effectively to meet health needs. He works with his clients to empower that process rather than creating dependency.

As a student of Buddhist teaching, Dr. Wulsin understands that among the basic conditions of being human is suffering. When one learns to observe one self in such an experience, an objective view of self results.  And that experience produces a change. It takes practice to turn a chaotic or painful pattern of thinking/feeling/experiencing on its axis. It’s a practice similar to learning to walk, one step at a time. Current neurophysiological research confirms that new pathways and patterns can develop at any age. One might consider this to be “Mindfulness Health Care.”

path of healing

Unlike psychotherapy, Dr. Wulsin also engages physical modalities such as yoga asana, acupuncture, manual manipulation, hydro-threrapy, and exercise, which can generate energetic and physiological change on the terms of the experiencer. Counseling about how to engage a knowledge of diet, nutrition, plants, supplements and pharmaceutical medicines can also empower clients to make physical, mental and emotional changes. The goal of the process is to support and sustain a more stable and integrated state of health.

Dr. Wulsin is currently and has been licensed by the State of Washington since 1990 to practice as a Naturopathic Physician (reg. #613) and an acupuncture therapist (reg. #85). He also has a public health background specializing in global health with intention to strengthen capacity to deliver components of primary care to underserved communities around the world. His training, work and practice vitally shape his perspective on health care and individual/community development.