Professional Background

This practice provides health counseling, preventative medicine and pain relief.
As an ND, Dr. Wulsin is a primary care physician trained in a broad range of medical traditions. He is currently licensed by the State of Washington to practice as a Naturopathic Physician (reg.#613) and an acupuncturist (reg.#85).

Dr. Wulsin received premedical training with an undergraduate honors degree in Genetics and Central Asian history from the University of California at Santa Cruz. After a few years of travel and work in Asia, Africa and South America, he returned to the Johns Hopkins University for an MA in International Relations and Economics. Subsequent work with natural resource management in developing countries landed him in Seattle. Refocusing on healing work with people inspired him to complete formal training in naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine at John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he received his doctorate (ND) and at the NW Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine during the 1980s. Dr. Wulsin has subsequently earned a master’s degree in public health (MPH) at the University of Washington, specializing in global health, HIV/infectious disease, community oriented public health practice, nutrition and health care capacity building.

He also holds  a NCCAOM Diploma as well as receiving postgraduate training in psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and yoga.

Dr. Wulsin has been in private practice as the director of Health Development Resources in central Seattle since 1990. From 2001-2 he served as the CAM medical director for American WholeHealth Networks. He has been on clinical and adjunct faculty at Bastyr University from 1995-7, 2000-01. He also co-directed the university’s Integrated Care Clinic which delivered a full range of health care for people with HIV/AIDS. He pioneered an ND staff position at the Country Doctor Community Clinic on Capitol Hill from 1997-2000 in an integrated care setting. He is also a former AANP Board member and was the first AANP Treasurer.  He served on the Board of Trustees at Seattle Waldorf School and the Board of Sakya Monastery.  He has led or participated in four organizational strategic planning processes of NGO’s.

As the director of Health Development Resources, he consults for public health and research projects in the areas of project identification, design, implementation and evaluation in Latin America and south Asia.  He participated in the first week of operations for Acupuncturists without Borders in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and saw hundreds of earthquake survivors in Port au Prince, Haiti in March 2011 with Tzu-Chi Foundation.  He specializes in the adaptation of traditional medicines for low technology strategies to manage chronic debilitating conditions.  He has worked with natural resource management and health development for over thirty years in many counties, and has also organized, facilitated and presented at several workshops, symposia and conferences which involve health and development.