WHO deeply concerned over childhood obesity

It’s getting bigger all the time……….



The (WHO) has expressed deep concern over the worldwide increase in childhood obesity.

At the 67th World Health Assembly held in Geneva, the concern was highlighted by WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan, Xinhua reported.

The WHO annual assembly grouped more than 3,000 delegates from 194 member states at the UN headquarters here, to discuss the key global health issues, such as the post-2015 health development agenda and progress towards UN Millennium Development Goals.

In her opening address to the assembly, Chan expressed deep concern about the increase worldwide of childhood obesity, with numbers climbing fastest in developing countries.

“As the 2014 World Health Statistics report bluntly states, our children are getting fatter,”she said, while warning that childhood obesity is a growing problem with especially high costs.

In dealing with this crisis, the UN health body chief announced that she has established a high-level commission to produce a consensus report specifying which approaches are likely to be most effective in different contexts around the world.

Meanwhile, she also alerted delegates to the importance of addressing climate change. “In March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its most dismal report to date, with a strong focus on the consequences for health,” she noted.

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