The world’s health teaches about our own

Every week more evidence is making it into the mainstream media that demonstrates how “what you eat” makes a huge impact on your long-term health.  Below you will find a link to one such article published in The Guardian.

Several United Nations agencies are publishing similar messages. A report released March 6, 2012 states, “One in seven people globally are undernourished, and many more suffer from the ‘hidden hunger’ of micronutrient deficiency, while 1.3 billion are overweight or obese.” Inadequate nourishment and obesity are underlying factors contribute to the progression of several chronic diseases. Taking nutritional supplements to poor food supply have not been proven to remedy such states of disease. Besides, they are way beyond anything sustainably accessible or affordable to all but the world’s most affluent.

Consuming junk foods whether they be processed in a factory and restaurant or in a central preparation/distribution point for a fast-food outlet leads to obesity, diabetes and a host of non-infectious diseases for which there is not “fast acting medicine.” In fact this category of health disorders is the fastest growing and largest challenge facing people around the globe.

Any food that is covered with plastic or metal, contains preservatives, additives or industrially manufactured chemicals , has traveled farther than you can drive in a day, or has been harvested before it was ripe has been processed in some way.

The choice of what you put into your body truly matters. This is a multi-beneficial place to  work at being mindful. What and how you eat is what you become wherever you live.

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