Calcium, Vitamin D Modulate Human Energy Metabolism

On March 12, Physicians Briefing posted a summary of research into the impact of Calcium and Vitamin D on fat metabolism and elimination.

Ingested calcium and Vitamin D levels were not controlled in this study.  A mechanism for the biophysiological mechanism that involves dietary calcium and fat metabolism was also not described.  The authors point to this omission as a fundamental drawback of these findings.

“While it is clear that nutrition and public health recommendations demand consistency of observation from a variety of study designs, the inclusion of mechanistic pathways in such investigations is essential in cementing the biological plausibility of the outcomes.”

Whenever one encounters phenomenon that point to modulation, rebalancing, placebo or unexplained healing one bumps up against this “shortcoming.” Can outcomes research credibly stand with a reasonably safe and useful role for patients and their care providers?

By taking into account the larger picture of our health development goals, I think so!

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