Latest Guidelines for successful for care to PLHIV (people living with HIV)

New evidenced based recommendations for people initiating HIV care were recently released by a panel chartered by The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care. The full article can be found at:

The recommendations published in the article can be summarized:

Recommendation 1: Systematic monitoring of successful entry into HIV care is recommended for all individuals diagnosed with HIV (II A).

Recommendation 2: Systematic monitoring of retention in HIV care is recommended for all patients (II A).

Recommendation 3: Brief, strengths-based case management for individuals with a new HIV diagnosis is recommended (II B).

Recommendation 4: Intensive outreach for individuals not engaged in medical care within 6 months of a new HIV diagnosis may be considered (III C).

Recommendation 5: Use of peer or paraprofessional patient navigators may be considered (III C).

For more detail and rationale for these recommendations please consult the article.


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